Fundraising with Ease

Getting started

A candle fundraiser is your basic order taker fundraiser, but you'll need to do a bit more than just show pictures of candles to make sales. One of the best candle fundraiser ideas is to show samples because it allows customers to sample the fragrances and see the quality of the candle which will dramatically boost your results. You equip your sellers with brochures, order forms, and basic sales scripts. Carrying or displaying some samples of best sellers will definitely work to your advantage.

Tools of the trade

The brochure describes the various candle selections or collections and provides details on quality, aroma or fragrance, size, shape, weight, and type of container. Price points may be displayed on brochures but are also on the order form itself.

It’s easy, compared to other products, for your sellers to display or even carry samples for events, which helps maximize each sales opportunity. One benefit of their non-perishable nature is that it makes them a great fit for week-long or multi-week sales efforts year round. They are also fantastic gift ideas for a number of special occasions throughout the year.

One of the great things about candle fundraisers is how the aroma of your samples makes the selling process so much easier. Most buyers will sniff several samples and imagine how the candles will fill their homes with their pleasant smells. The scent in and of itself will attract attention… and sales.

Perennial favorites are lavender, mimosa, vanilla, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, nearly all holiday and citrus scents.

All candles are not created equal

Candle sizes range from small two-ounce votive candles to versions with multiple wicks that weigh around 20 ounces. Soy wax candles are a fantastic value as they ensure a long burn time for their size. The use of fine essential and fragrance oils create an outstanding cool and hot scent throw. Our wax is 100% soy; a vegetable based wax that is sustainably farmed, domestically sourced and used to create finely fragranced candles hand poured in the United States.

Our soy wax candles are container-based candles known to burn more slowly and safely than pillar and tapered paraffin candles. They also avoid messy cleanup problems.

Highly profitable

At Cause Candle Company we offer 50% of all sales paid directly to your organization at the time of fulfillment request when purchases have been paid by your customers. We will also provide a substantial discount for fundraising events if your organization prefers to purchase in bulk at a discount with the proper documentation prior to your event.

The average seller makes five to seven sales. Many of these sales are multi-unit buys, so they average about $80 in revenue. That translates to roughly $40 in profit per seller, which is quite good especially considering no resources are required up front prior to the start of your fundraiser.

Factors affecting your candle fundraisers profitability include the motivation level of your sellers, the duration of your fundraising activities and having fragrant samples in the hands of your sellers.

This product works well for elementary school, middle school, and athletic team fundraising. Smaller groups such as school clubs or church and youth groups also do well with our candle fundraising campaigns.

Universal appeal

Preparation, leadership and communication is key to your successful fundraiser, although our candles practically sell themselves. Industry reports confirm that candles appeal to all ages, both men and women and are consumed by seven to eight out of ten households in the US and continues to grow.